Want to host an MPTHREE Baseball Fundraiser?

I love you guys, but I'd have to sell my house if I donated to every fundraiser that hits me up. That's why I've made my own!

Here's how it works...

You download this form and sell the sunglasses.
- You pick ANY sell price and time frame that you want.
- You pay me $18 for every pair sold (min 15)
- I'll send you sunglasses to distribute (for free) and you keep the profit

HERE IS THE PRODUCT INFO. The last page is a sell sheet.

Let's add a lil' COMPETITION.

- Any team/group that sales 100 pairs gets a free team set of MPTHREE BOMBZ.

- The team that sells the most pairs gets a shoutout in a video PLUS an invite to a destination event in my MPTHREE Signature Series 2024 (I'll cover the fee).

- The individual that sells the most gets to help me pick out a color... and gets a team set for his team!

Download these images for social media for your team!

Facebook Post

Just drop this on your team's Facebook page to let everybody know you're selling the shades! (Link above.)